Hitting the slopes of good ol' Big Bear Mountain on the last day of February! A huge storm came in that Saturday, and the next morning promised a beautiful day with fresh powder as clean as a baby's bottom.

We left the small city of Irvine a little after 6:30 a.m. and found ourselves rushing up towards the newly white mountains. 85 mph, and then a highway patrol officer trails us for who knows how long! Luck came early, and he let us off with a warning. Safe ride up the mountain the rest of the way -- yet, we still felt like Mercedes Beezies making a scene through the canyons.

We missed VIP parking by 1 car and bribed nearly every employee to let us in! This was just some of the early offsets, and there were more -- no parking, bindings that wouldn't fit boots, and getting on the slopes late. But this was a day of progress for everyone! Watch and see!

(things learned: buy a full HD camera, learn how to ride while holding a camera, upgrade this account -- sorry for the shaky shots there's no image stabilizer)

-- spleeny

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