I have no problem showing you JFK smoking a stogie while simultaneously having Nikola Telsa stare you down and make you wonder why you still accept a centuries old energy paradigm that enslaves you much to Kennedy's frustration, but you have to pay close attention or you might miss Albert Hoffman not being responsible in any way for the work of Monsanto. However, he's more than likely partially responsible for influencing the likes of Alex Grey and Android Jones. Blonde intergalactic babes might have gotten to Hoffman before switching to the annual crop circle mandalas of the last 3 decades, but who knows? Spirit Science? perhaps...

Regardless, mandalas that move are moving. thats why i enJOY creating them, for others' enJOYment.

mad props to all visionary artists sampled in the live set demonstration:

- Android Jones androidjones.com
- Alex Grey alexgrey.com
- Chris Dyer positivecreations.ca/


- BEEPLE. beeple-crap.com
- BAAAFCOM. ご意見・ご感想はこちらまで。
- SPIRIT SCIENCE. thespiritscience.net/
- THRIVE. thrivemovement.com

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