I shot, co-directed with Bryan Spilman, and edited this music video for Young Life. This is a camp tour video for the second session program team at Crooked Creek Ranch - A Young Life in Frasier, CO. This video is shown to high school kids across the U.S. who have traveled far and wide the first night they get there in hopes to blow their expectations away.

Thanks to Young Life and Crooked Creek Ranch for allowing this and offering up their camp for us to shoot this. We shot it all within a 6-8 hour period and had it edited within 36 hours to showcase it for the kids' first night of club.

Items Used:
Canon Rebel T3i
Canon 50 mm/1.8
Canon 14 mm II/2.8 (L Series)
Canon 24-105 mm/4 (L-series)
Manfrotto MVM500A Fluid Tripod Head with detachable tripod legs
Glidecam HD2000
GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition
Manfrotto Monopod with 500 fluid head monopod top.

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