AUSTIN, TEXAS - On Friday, May 23rd, Dr. Jamie Guyden of the recently launched Evolve Integrative Care, held her first speaking engagement as a part of a series of educational talks with the customers of Whole Foods Market at the Domain, in Austin, Texas. Dr. Guyden's presentation was intended to engage customers of the market in helping them understand how diet can effect common health ailments such as anxiety, acne, bowel trouble, irregular heart beat, and even epilepsy. (

Dr. Guyden is Board Certified by the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Guyden's passion for educating in holistic and integrative medicine through optimizing nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle alterations began with her own personal 20 year struggle with System Lupus Erythematous or SLE.

Earlier this year, Dr. Guyden launched a concierge medicine practice in Austin, Texas called Evolve Integrative Care. Dr. Guyden explains, "Evolve Integrative Care exists to empower individuals to make life-long positive changes in their health and well-being. We strive to create a support system that inspires individuals to exceed their maximal potential for vitality, graceful aging, and enlightenment. Through individualized, whole-body care, as well as through disease prevention and reversal, patients will experience a life-altering health transformation."

Evolve's approach to patient care is primarily through Nutritional Balancing. Nutritional Balancing science assesses cellular biochemistry with hair mineral analysis (HMA) to make educated, scientific recommendations about dietary and nutritional supplementation needs, safe detoxification, and lifestyle alterations. Beyond individualized care, Dr. Guyden focuses on the “root-cause” of disease rather than treating symptoms.

Dr. Guyden has two upcoming speaking engagements scheduled with Whole Foods Markets as part of a "28-day Challenge Month". This program is a healthy eating and lifestyle transformation, supported through a guided meal plan and month long events including nutrition label reading, exercise classes and cooking tips. The first discussion will be on Wednesday, July, 9th entitled, "So Many Diets, So Little Time". The second presentation is scheduled for Wednesday, July 23rd. The topic of this discussion is yet to be determined. The presentations are free to the public, however, space is limited and participants are encouraged to RSVP on the Whole Foods Market Events Calendar.

Anyone struggling to find management or treatment for physical, mental or emotional health conditions are encouraged to connect with Dr. Guyden through social media channels and stay up to date on public engagements, resources, recipes and articles, easily found on Evolve's website. To learn more about Dr. Guyden's personal journey with Lupus and Evolve Integrative Care, please visit the website at

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