Trailer for the Plastiki, a 60 ft. catamaran made of entirely revolutionary plastics, and it's impending voyage across the south pacific towards Sydney, Australia.
Built and assembled in San Fransisco, CA, the Plastiki is made of 100% perfectly recyclable materials. it stays afloat by means of 12,500 2 liter plastic bottles, and it's body and sails (made from srPET) are completely one-of-a-kind, and are recyclable to the extent that they could literally be made back into a bottle or jacket or anything with a single step/

David De Rothschild, the founder of Adventure Ecology and the Plastiki Expedition, created this project in order to more effectively inform the world about the nature of plastic. Although plastic never decomposes, and this has caused various degrees of pollution, it is also recyclable like no other substance, and so "we ought to stop viewing plastic as a problem and start seriously considering it as a viable renewable resource". The solution to the problem of plastic is plastic itself.
David and his team intend to demonstrate this by sailing this plastic boat thousands of miles to Australia/

Directed by Vern Moen/
Edited by Vern Moen, Ryan Ford, and John Raines/
Cinematography by Justin Lynn and Vern Moen/

Produced by Long Beach Film Company/


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