David Michael Clarke with Elina Bry, Tristan Lefevre. 4 songs for Piacé le Radieux. Concert à la Galerie du Dourven, 21 juin 2014 au vernissage de Flying Black Cow Utopia Club (volet 2). This song tells the story of Norbert Bézard's call for help to Le Corbusier.

Here the grass is green,
one can see it through the glass,
but the pane is cracked and the wind is whistling.
The river’s running high,
Water’s racing through the mill,
But the wheels of steel, they just keep on turning faster

Hey Mr Architect,
build a world for us,
we can see the towers on the horizon.
The dream it won’t be real,
’til there’s a modern life for all,
come lift our homes and our hearts as you promised

The cold is in the air,
and the damp is in the walls,
the stench of death really won’t be long now.
What are we to do?
We can’t go on like this.
This ain’t no life that we’re living.

Hey Mr Architect, …

The people in the towns,
are starting out again,
reaching for the sky like no tomorrow.
The folk in the fields,
are downing tools for good,
no more to hear sweet angelus ring out from the belfry

Hey Mr Architect, …

The factories are filling up,
they’re turning out the goods,
the machines are making light work from our labours
Tomorrow we’ll be free,
or so the wise man says,
liberation for the nation is all or nothing

Hey Mr Architect, …

But the factories ain’t the fields
they can’t grow things like we do
it’s nuts not nuts and bolts that fill the empty stomach
We must modernise the farms,
or we will waste away today,
get our feet out of this mud that slows up very step …

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