Its hard to be labeled as a pop, jazz, rock or funk icon when you can't be painted into a genre-specific corner of the upper musical stratosphere. After slipping from the constrictions of his accolades time and time again, Darryl Tookes has achieved what is a rare status amongst the songwriter/crooner crowd: complete originality. The reason it is so difficult to keep a finger on Tookes' musical taxonomy is because, like the aurora borealis, it is ethereally shifting with the advent of each new chord in his jazz-born and rhythm'n'blues-bred songbook.

A veteran of chart topping record dates, and a first call vocalist for a list of folks you will find prominent in my vinyl collection, Darryl Tookes is no stranger to the lemon, or limelight. He will also be the first person to tell you that music is not about dropping names, but rather about tenderly ladeling spiritual sweetness onto a willing audience.

Oh, and when you see his show, bring some musical tupperware, because you'll definitely be taking leftovers.

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