Welcome to Discarded Cartridges!

Discarded Cartridges is a monthly audio podcast with Brad Chmielewski & Chas Fries. Once a month Brad and Chas choose a mobile video game to play, explore and hopefully beat then they get together in the studio to breakdown the game. Think of the Discarded Cartridges podcast as a sort of book club discussion but for video games.

In the third episode of Discarded Cartridges, Brad Chmielewski and Chas Fries picked up and played Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. This Capcom game was released in North America in January 2011 for the Nintendo DS and then in February 2012 for iOS.

Before getting into the review of Ghost Trick, Brad and Chas chat about some of the other games they’ve been playing like Watchdogs and Pokemon Diamond. They also talk about some of the great things that got mentioned at E3.  

Throughout this episode Brad and Chas talk about the great artwork and animation. Although there is very little game play in this game, the story is pretty interesting. Be ready to read a lot throughout this game and give yourself time to play through it if you’re planning on picking it up.

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