Voronoi everywhere! I'm hopping on the VolumeBreaker bandwagon. But no, I was looking into different methods of using the VolumeBreaker operator rather than sending a particle to a new group and fracturing it. My original plan was testing out Joe Scarr's method of applying the VB without any activation, and then instead of using cell, just use those particles as helpers to activate the nearest VB fragments. I like this method the most because I think it gives a more natural look. The other good thing about setting it up this way with conditions set for collisions and velocity, is that it almost kind of resembled area of most intense pressure. But only when used in conjunction with the PAttach from the joints. A good representation of this is on the Level 03 render, you can see on the lower third of the cylinder how it just explodes. It's because the initial joint had the most change in velocity(and hence would have more collisions in the following sims).

However, as I was playing around with this. rman197 posted his jointed setup here: vimeo.com/98825271 I had to include this in my test because he did something interesting I never even though about; which is switching the joint type. Such a great a idea! That is what the first yellow cylinders are. That simple joint setup drives the next level. He was also 100% correct that it's forgiving if you aren't happy with how the movement is going - then you can iterate quickly without waiting for a juggernaut of a sim to finish, be displeased, and then re-sim.

Now, if I were to do this again (and I'm certainly going to), My first level of fragmentation will be using RayFire because it's Voronoi pattern choice is more visually pleasing. Plus, I could fragment larger chunks with space between to then cluster with those; like rman's clustering method. The only other thing I did was freeze the very base of the pillar because that typically does not tip over.

I think I covered all the bases.

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