The Success Initiative (Project: Limitless, Volume 1): The Start Guide to Unleashing Your Potential, Crumbling the Boundaries Around You, and Achieving Revolutionary Success! by RJ Tolson

Whether you're a student, newly unemployed, looking to change the world, wanting to make your dreams into a reality, or simply tired of the same old scene, you need a way to get on and stay on the path to continuous success. The first volume in the Project: Limitless series provides just that: a compact and interactive start guide to help you be successful.

Drawing on his experience as an award-winning author, founder and CEO of an international multidivisional company, and international speaker, all of which he achieved before the age of 20, R.J. Tolson shows you a quick and practical way to get your feet off the ground and into success. You don't need to be a genius or have a massive amount of money to help you take your first step into the pool of true success—only some time, a dream, and Project: Limitless's The Success Initiative.

This book is your start guide to developing practical success skills for life: How to:
Plan and innovate - Harness your latent potential - Get ahead of the global competition - Materialize your ambitions - Make money and more! The world around you is constantly transforming—it's time for you to make the move from dream to reality today. Your future is in your hands, and yours alone!

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