GH4 and GH3 Getting rid of the VIDEO look

I would love to hear from you guys and gals follow me:

Go to my web site to see JPEG still frames. Also The screen capture don't make the video very flattering.

FYI. I noticed watching Vimeo with Google Chrome on a PC washed out the video.

Edit: After doing this video I see people are getting lots of noise in their footage using Cinelike D picture profile. If this is the case then I may just use what I use on my GH3 and that is Natural profile turned down. I will need this camera in my hands before making any judgments on different profiles.  Their is a rumor that Panasonic will add gamma Log in a firmware update, Who knows.

I have had many DSLR cameras in the last six years, and in the last 4 or 5 months had been using the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. If you never uses raw you will be amazed at how easy it is to get great exposure. Unlike DSLR with their compressed codecs where you really need to know what your doing to get great exposure. Out of all the cameras I have owned or used I love my Panasonic GH3. And now I have my eye on the Panasonic GH4. One issue people usually point out is that the GH series camera look to digital or video like. They have an amazing picture quality and resolve so much detail, far batter than any other camera in my opinion. But they can have that digital video look, if you don't expose properly and don't know how to treat the clips in post.

So I wanted to test the GH4 video before purchasing the camera to see how differently it reacts from the GH3, and if I can bring some of the great filmic Pocket Camera looking mojo into it. Since I don't have the GH4 I asked Dave Dugdale who did an amazing job on his Panasonic GH4 camera review ( ). I also asked Emmanuel Pampuri ( if I can have a crack at color grading his great video shot on a pre production GH4. They bother were kind enough to send me their clips. 

So in this video I will take you through the steps I do to take out that digital video look from the GH4 and GH3 footage. This is not a detailed tutorial, perhaps I will do a more detailed tutorial if people want me to. Below are some screen shots of before and after color grading the footage.

Go to my web site to see screen shots of the before and after.

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