*Initially this was for youtube, because I have been uploading my work there; but I am seeing now that Vimeo video quality is a lot better*

It has been too long since my last upload! Right after my last video my camera decided it was broken, RIP Contour 1080p HD. But, luckily a few weeks later my bike broke down on the trail.

You're probably thinking, how is that lucky?

Well, on the push back to the truck I noticed a weird shaped rock in the mud, a perfectly square surface; I love rocks and I collect a lot of them. So I was like, huh I bet this bad boy is pretty interesting. I prop the bike up and wriggle free the rock... turns out its a GoPro HD Hero... Whatttt!!! This has to be one of the best finds I have had yet, seriously.

So I had used the camera a few times by now but my computer had been completely full to the point of unable to make even one video (I was hanging out in the 100 MB free space range). In comes my cousin, he isn't around all that much because he maps out sewer systems with robots (which is pretty cool) and he offers me his 1TB external hard drive; awesome!

So by this point I have: broken my Contour, found a GoPro, got a Chesty harness, recorded a lot of video, fixed my own personal 1 TB external via using my cousin's to recover my lost 500 GB of picture/video/documents/drawings, watched all my footage from the trips I recorded, splice it up, smashed it together, and here we are.

Sorry for the wall of text, I'm just a tad bit excited, enjoy!


-Mines and Meadows
-Beaver Falls, PA

-Tri-County Rec
-Heilwood, PA

My stats:

-Age ~ 24
-Height ~ 6'1"
-Weight ~ 181

My Gear:

-2001 KTM 300 MXC
-Klim Chinook Pants
-Sidi Agueda boots
-HJC helmet
-Saftey glasses
-Thor Flow gloves
-Forkskinz seal protectors - soft variant
-FMF Gnarly pipe and exhaust set
-TAG ktm rear sprocket
-Acerbis flexing hand guards
-Michelin S12 xc front and rear tire
-Orbit 520/120L chain
-All other parts are OEM replacements or originals

Dad's stats:

-Age ~ 45
-Height ~ 5'10"

Dad's Gear:

-2013 KTM 300 EXC
-All stock
-Faulty electric start and battery
-Klim Chinook pants
-Troy Lee Design helmet
-Gaerne GX-1
-MSA safety glasses
-Thor Flow gloves
-Michelin S12 xc front and rear tires
-OEM replacements

Video Equipment:

-GoPro HD Hero - R3 and R4 capture settings
-Chesty harness
-16gb Sandisk Ultra SDHC micro sd card (Speed Rating 10)

All information will be updated as needed and as often as possible. Please feel free to contact me with any comments/concerns here or at contactspent@gmail.com, thank you!

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