It may be time to ask yourself what the words “Sustainable Agriculture” mean to you? We believe that the use of chemicals in our Earth's agricultural soils will continue to lead us to disease.

From under a microscope over 20 years ago, our PhD’s verified that the continued use of these chemicals would one day lead to a decline in crop yields and an increase in soil disease. The same beautifully designed chemicals which protect our plants today would one day make our soils sterile and solidify our dependence on them. We believe that chemical agriculture is the direct opposite of Sustainable Agriculture.

In the early 90’s our group witnessed the struggles of the developing Certified Organic industry. We watched as brave Organic farmers searched to find natural alternatives within an industry that did not embrace them. It was in those moments that our team of, accredited and respected microbiologists decided to take the path less traveled and lend them a helping hand.

Over twenty years of research later and after thousands of trials and errors Dr Frank McKenna finally cracked the code with a product he calls SC27 PLUS. NOW in 2014 there is finally a natural, safe and effective product to help rebuild our Earth’s agricultural soils. An easy to use soil inoculant designed to address sustainability in one complete package. After extensive university testing we believe that SC27 PLUS can and will take us into the future by dramatically and rapidly improving our soils natural capabilities to function better that we could have ever imagined possible. We believe that the time to return balance and health to our soils is NOW.

To get a feel for our work please visit We welcome you, your business and more importantly, your support.

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