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In this episode of DojoTV, we'll talk about getting started with X-Particles, the end of After Effects' raytracing 3D engine, new tutorials, and much more.

X-Particles Homepage:

X-Particles Tutorial Extravaganza by Toolfarm:

After Effects’ 3D Future by Motionworks:

Universe v1.1 Update by Red Giant:

MotionLeague’s Mochat:

Modeling a Shopping Cart in C4D by Mograph Candy:

Instant Molecules with X-Particles by helloluxx:

Semi-Permanent Sydney 2014 Titles by MK12:

Semi-Permanent Interview & BTS:

Special thanks to Mike Batchelor for letting me use his X-Particles renders:


If you have any questions or feedback, leave them down below in the comments!

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