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I'm not the life of the party, I'm a dick and you're my bukake, I'm sarcy, pass me the car keys, I'm killing off the monarchy! I (w)rap like it's origami, rhyme like Muhammad Ali, I mastered the art of hip/hop, the bottom starts at degrassi.

I'm classy, not narcissistic and nasty, I'm pretentious and arty, I'm defensive like it's karate! I'm mentally fucked and balmy, intense like a Russian Army!

I'm Vladimir, when invading, you'll find you can never harm me!

The sound of hounding and drums, I’m just a sloth with opposable thumbs! X2

I'm like a government conspiracy, the fences I avoid, I'm too smart to work for you and I'm too dumb for self employed!

I'm broken, I'm broke and I'm outspoken, I'm poking a dead horse, beating it, until it fucking opens!

I'm an optimist, slash rocker, slash doctor octopus, I'm not to be mistaken for a rapper, I'm a novelist!

My new books about Kanye West, it's called ’50 Shades of Cray’

I'm to modest for an ego, my dick is like tree though, I am the best rapper, nobody agrees bro!

A white Gambino, aspire to such clouds, I'm like Tarantino, shutting your butts down!

The sound of hounding and drums, I’m just a sloth with opposable thumbs! X2

I'm forced to force an entry, falsify my words a plenty, sensationalising life like channel 4 does documentaries!

Hell bent on education, rap to kids and they will listen, but what the fuck do I know I am just a shop assistant!

Consistently making music without any degree, except the 90 degree angle from my pen to the sheet!

Seeking some solace, the kind of spiritual journey I'm on is, making my left brain expand, tell the right side I promise not to stop using logic, to make this music methodic!

I don't drink, I don't smoke, though I'm a chronic rapaholic!

I'm polishing of my style, 3 words that keep me honest!…

I got this!

The sound of hounding and drums, I'm just a sloth with opposable thumbs! X4

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