"Whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away." (James 4:14)

This video jam titled "What Is Your Life?" comes from a sermon preached by Dr. Vincent G. Artese titled "What Is Your Life?".

James asks all to consider how changeable and finite our lives are. Our lives are a vapor. All of our plans depend on our life going the same way, but often it does not. Our lives are a breath, a fog, or a mist. They dissolve and scatter leaving no trace behind. No one knows if they have tomorrow. People often fill their minds with corruption, things that will fade away instead of the truth. People are so busy they do not want to face reality. Work, worries, and entertainment have distracted the mass of humanity to business and the worship of the gods of this world. The glory of the Christian image is to be clothed in Christ and to throw off these deceptions. A Christian is called to be full of love and holiness, not useless pastimes of the flesh. Christians live out this truth in their everyday lives and seek to establish the Kingdom of God living for Him alone. Some ignore these truths and turn to medicine, science, and religion instead. One must be humble to receive the truth. Only when one realizes God alone is the source of life that He will give grace to experience this reality. But one must personally experience the reality of God. The warfare of mankind against God comes from a desire for pleasure. The cross must be accepted and there must be a death of self. Many defend their hearts with arguments and distract themselves with the possessions and pleasures of this world. By ignoring the truth people are heading for hell. True Christians are those who encounter Christ, experience purification of the heart, and the power of the Holy Spirit. When a person comes to Christ a whole new life enters them.

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