Another special mix this time, bringing back the dark dank beats of underground DNB 96-02 fondly remembered as the tech-step days. Will likely follow this up with a few more oldskool techstep specials in future months.

Before RAM records brought the scene smashing into the mainstream around 2004, DnB had a very different vibe. When people talk about oldskool they tend to be referring to the Amen days 94 onward, and although people often mention the early techstep movement pioneered hugely by the No-U-turn boys, so much of the dirty underground spirit of that era has been forgotten by DJs today. Perhaps you think rightly so? It's all a matter of personal taste, but for me, there's no comparison, this era was my favourite and I still love mixing like minded tunes today. Whether you call it Techstep, Hardstep, Darkstep or just DNB, pull on your dirtiest Nike cap, and grubbiest Gap hoody and lets high foot skank the fuck out of this!
-For the record some of these tunes are very old and have been spun many times, so they sound a little 'crunchy'. As far as I know many have never seen a digital release so what I have is the best I can get.

SUV - Parklands (Full Cycle)
(Mixed with State of Play - Poor Man's Deal [Konflict remix]) (Aspect)
Brockie & Ed Solo - Dangerous (Undiluted)
Edge Of Motion - Contact (Blackjack)
Technical Itch - Stealth (Tech Itch Recordings)
Rufige Kru - Monkey Boy (Metalheadz)
Capone - Blue Laser (Hard Leaders)
Dylan - Kombat (Renegade Hardware)
Source Direct - Call & Response (Science)
Es.tero - Junction 12 (IM:LTD)
Goldie - Chico:Death of a Rockstar (FFRR)
Shimon - The Predator (Ram)
Decoder - Fog (Hard Leaders)
Konflict - Messiah (Renegade Hardware)
Code 071 - A London Sumting (DJ Vapour remix) (Stepback Sessions)
Ed Rush & Nico - Technology (No-U-Turn)
DJ XS & Powder - Switch Gear (Breakbeat Culture)
Doc Scott - Machines (Emotif)
Brockie & Ed Solo - Voices (Undiluted)
Absolute Zero & Subphonics - The Code (Future Cut remix) (Renegade Hardware)
Technical Itch - Stack 2 (Tech Itch Recordings)
Rufige Kru - Infamous (Metalheadz)
Skynet - Altered States (Audio Blueprint)
Technical Itch - Hard Ways (Moving Shadow)
Ed Rush & Optical (Millennium) (Virus)
Total Science - A.C.I (CIA)
Doc Scott - Unofficial Ghost (Metalheadz)

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