It has been a constant delight to me that there are still, for those willing to find them, some wild places in London; places where the bones of the country are still on display, where the wild things still stalk the dark of the night. Just near my home, Wimbledon Common is one such place.

It is a haven of peace and beauty, surrounded on all sides by a sprawling metropolis, to which the people of London can come to reconnect with the natural world. Walking there one is quite likely to encounter strange cairns, built of deadfall trees and branches by passing strangers and left to quietly moulder and settle into the woods. They look like nothing less than little huts in which the wild folk live, and they are a perfect expression of the connection we share with our past.

“Common” is a little tale that warns of the consequences of taking those wild places for granted, and of being careless.


"Common" is also my first foray into narrative film-making, first with any kind of budget (albeit a tiny one), and my first with a cast and crew. It was important to me that everyone involved felt that they were an important part of making Common, from the principle actors, all the way through to the crowd-funding backer who gave me £1 to help with the budget.

Whilst I might have instigated the whole thing, executing It was very much a team effort. My cast and crew were with me the whole way, on a journey that included sub-zero temperatures, snow, wind, rain, and mud, lots of mud.

We were blessed by the support of friends old and new: my friend Gail Stevens helped me early on with casting advice; the Wimbledon & Putney Commons Conservators and the Light Cafe in Wimbledon Village helped with locations; Greg, general manager of the Wimbledon Odeon, helped with publicising the Kickstarter campaign; and last, but absolutely not least, Sundeep Sohal of Canon UK, who, having known me only a few days, lent me a 1DC for the shoot. For the technically minded among you: yes, that DOES mean this film was shot in 4K. For the moment though you'll have to settle for the HD version.


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Cast & Crew

Greg Barnett played "Oliver"
Maja Szymczyk played "Cholet"
David Stock played "James"
Alex Cosic was the dustman

Kieron Jansch - writer, director, DOP, editor, post-production
Penny Gruber - producer
Thom Robson - composer original music
Mark Parker - stills photographer, assistant editor
Allen Lindenberg - sound recordist
Alex Sturges - makeup artist
Malcolm Gough - co-executive producer
David Clift, Tara Chittenden, Jon Flinn, Heather Jansch, Matthew Lambe and Max Smith - associate producers

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