My first 4K test of my brand new Panasonic GH4.
Check out the 4K version here :

Hydrangea(Ajisai) Festival at Myohoji Temple, June 21-June 29, 2014.
About 20,000 hydrangeas with various colors bloom in the Myohoji Temple.

Location : Myohoji Temple, Fujikawa Town, Yamanashi Pref. (Japan)

Camera setting
3840x2160 30p→24p
Photo Style : Cinelike D
Contrast-5, Sharpness-5, Noise reduction-3, Saturation-5, Hue-3
Highlight Shadow : HIGHLIGHT-2, SHADOW+2
Master Pedestal : +15
Luminance Level : 0-255

Lens : Voigtländer Nokton 25mm F0.95

Edit : Premiere Pro CS6, DaVinci Resolve

Music : Seed Of Change by Ken Verheecke (

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