The Burj Khalifa, built in Dubai in 2010, is currently the tallest man-made structure in the world. The completion of the Burj Khalifa in 2009 was immediately followed by the Dubai debt crisis. In Humeau's video, a feng shui master uncovers the secrets of the Burj Khalifa's architecture to discern why it suffered from the 'curse of the tall tower' like so many other tall buildings before it.

‘According to a theory most commonly referred as the “Curse of The Tallest Tower”, man’s attempts to construct the world’s tallest buildings right through from Babel to the Burj, have almost always resulted in economic disaster. Economists have long acknowledged that there is often a correlation between towering hubris and financial ruin since the commissioning of enormous engineering projects often occur during periods of over-investment and excessive expansion. Illustrating this theory, they most often cite extreme examples such as the following:
1- The completion of the Chrysler and Empire State buildings in the late 1920s, coincided with the beginning of the Great Depression.

2- The completion of Kuala Lumpur's Petronas Towers in 1997 was immediately followed by the Asian Financial Crisis.

3- The completion of the Burj Khalifa in 2009 was immediately followed by the Dubai debt crisis.’*

BURJ KHALIFA is an examination of the mysterious invisible forces in play inside of a built object and the set of conditions that can allow a peculiar event to happen; here namely: an economic disaster. How could a skyscraper possibly trigger an economic collapse?

A Feng Shui Master analyses the world tallest skyscraper – Burj Khalifa in Dubai – and the reasons behind its ‘black aura’.

The video, which aesthetics is inspired by computer-generated architectural renderings, introduces a series of studies conducted by the Feng Shui Master – scrupulously analysing, calculating and modelling all invisible forces in play; these forces include, to name but a few: physical forces such as turbulence flow, fluid dynamics, sound and radio waves, infrasonic vibrations, electro-magnetic fields; psychological forces such as superstitions, unlucky numbers, and other energy flows principles, the skyscraper history; paranormal forces such as auras and energy flows, environmental forces such as building orientation, shadow position, weather forecasts, wind loads, sun position, gravity, communication technologies, and solar signals cycles.

BURJ KHALIFA is a new chapter in a long-running quest to obsessively scrutinise and dissect supernatural events and to synthesise the burst of mystery zones. In essays The Black Rainbow (2010) and Hyper HD Mystery Zone (2014), design is identified as a potential catalyst for revealing black boxes and artificially construct seemingly supernatural or miraculous phenomena.

Reminiscent of Victorian haunted houses stories, in which the built element would be a psychoanalytic subject whose dark, submerged dream worlds have surfaced and taken over, wreaking havoc all around, BURJ KHALIFA manoeuvres at the border of paranormal and scientific studies, revealing the constellation of opaque mechanisms, unseen occult forces, spectral absent presences and physical powers that together will enact the, very real?, malediction.


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