Testing A7S S-LOG 2 footage kindly provided by Roman Legion with visionCOLOR Impulz film emulations.

The dynamic range of the camera seems absolutely incredible in slog 2 but I'll have to do a more scientific comparison with my Epic (mx) when the a7s arrives in a couple of days - Roman's, footage definitely sold me on this camera! ;)

For grading I used the Kodak Vision3 500T 5219, 50D 5203 and Fuji Pro 400 LUTs in Cineon gamma, made some minor contrast and saturation adjustments to the negative and used both the included Fuji and Kodak 2383 print LUTs to "de-log" the images using multiple adjustment layers in Premiere Pro CC (Lumetri)

What I particularly like about the Impulz 3D LUTs is that they essentially remap the color science of the camera based on the specific input data to match different film stocks which to my eyes they do much more accurately than what I've seen from vsco or filmconvert (and I have been shooting film for 25 years).

I'll upload more tests and probably do an A7S vs Epic MX comparison when my sony arrives in a couple of days!

Sony A7S: store.sony.com/a7s-full-frame-mirrorless-camera-zid27-ILCE7S/B/cat-27-catid-All-Alpha-NEX-Cameras;pgid=9t9SQbbjClVSRpNRuBUyHbQ80000DizyA4Tx?_t=pfm%3Dsearch%26SearchTerm%3Da7s
VisionColor Impulz: vision-color.com/impulz
Roman Legion: vimeo.com/romanlegion

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