A short 30 second audio video clip, synced to a GarageBand midi & loop mix of a traditional sitar raga [Incantation] , offline rendered in Quartz Crystal using GL Tools line & point structures.

Essentially an iterated and dynamic structure, transformed & rotated.

Colour shifting and positional & translational computations both fed , partially, be audio data.

The rendered structures were in part the result of some scripting worked upon in a recent Internet chat with offonoll, offonoll.com/, comparing two means of creating and rendering structures in Quartz Composer using Kineme GL Tools & primitive patches.

The audio used is part of a small excerpt from a series of accompaniments. Work still in development.

Offline rendering of the item required that the queue size be set to a level far higher than that used when rendering live, otherwise the distinctive swirls and loops achieved would have more or less been lost. If run live at such a size then iteration fatigue would have set in far earlier.

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