This video is about Meher Baba and the commemoration of his 1952 auto accident in Oklahoma.

On May 24, 1952, along a rural stretch of highway in the heartland of America, all life was forever changed. Near Prague, Oklahoma, Avatar Meher Baba was severely injured in a major car "accident" that was no accident. Rather it was a critical part of Baba's work to release fresh streams of Divine Love into the soil of America to give a boost to all Creation and help America fulfill its destiny as a world spiritual leader.
On the 50th anniversary of Baba's accident, a 4-day gathering was held in Oklahoma to commemorate this extraordinary event. Attendees shared songs, visited the accident site, heard from those who knew Baba, and enjoyed a rock concert, a dhuni fire, and more. Baba's love and presence filled the air. It is all here in this remarkable and beautiful 2-hour documentary that honors Baba's accident in a fresh, new way.
As the future unfolds, Meher Baba's Divine Love will bring a new morning to America and the world -- a morning of love, unity, harmony, and truth. And, oh, what a beautiful morning it will be.

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