Evolving review of the A7S is here: gopb.co/a7s

This is pointless to view online really as there is no 4K currently but plus and pro members can download this quick and dirty 4k test. I am providing this file for people to download and check out. This is just to get a rough idea about the 4K. It's not necessarily at the best settings. I just wanted to see if I could record any and if I could then to share it! Please don't look at the streaming video here and make judgements as it's like watch an advert for a 4K tv on your iphone and saying the image doesn't look that good! :)

A7s HDMI 4K output to Blackmagic Ultrastudio 4k to MBP via Thunderbolt recorded with BMD Media Express.

I need an Atomos Shogun or a way to get it to work with my Odyssey 7Q. This is a silly way to record 4K but my only way currently, so better than nothing. Oh for the ease of the GH4/ 1DC internal recording. I can see why it's not in there though as the camera simply wouldn't cope with the heat caused by a full frame sensor recording this image without some sort of fan, cooling system. It's sensor is twice the size of the Gh4.

My initial thoughts blogpost with low light footage will be up soon.

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