The Silent Wall, 2014
Performance and Video
Project funded by DAAD
conducted by MFA Public Art and New Artistic Strategies in cooperation with Academy of Performing Art in Sarajevo

Description: I was in Sarajevo and I saw the bullet holes everywhere in the city. It was actually the first time that I saw them in my life. I found it sad; however, I wondered what attitude should we have towards these wounds from the war. I had been asking numerous Bosnians for knowing their opinions about these holes. Most of them told me “These are not the taboo of the city we have been living here for our whole life that’s why we don’t pay attention to these holes. They are a part of our city.”

Knowing more about the background of the bullet holes, I don’t want to add or remove anything from the walls, as the holes, certainly, are the memorial of the brutal history. By then I decided to use performance to approach these untouchable memories. During the trip in Sarajevo, I was finding walls with bullet holes in different parts of the city; I touched and covered the holes of each wall on the street as a performative action. In the video, I slightly turned down the volume of the sound until it became silent.

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