This is a ten minute series of clips from exploring Beng Melea, an abandoned temple near Siem Reap, Cambodia in the style of Angkor Wat.

The video gives an idea of the solitude of the site as well as the original majesty, with the unedited audio sharing the sounds of the jungle.

It is shown in order of exploration, as such some of the cooler footage is around the 7min mark as I gain more height in the ruins. I recommend skipping around here and there to get a feeling for it if you don't have ten minutes to watch the entire thing.

Note that it is all shot with my ContourHD bullet cam with a fisheye lens that gives a strange perspective due to the wide field of view, but in my opinion this makes the video even more immersive in its way.

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For users of Photosynth, there is also a synth available of a library in one of the outer courtyards:

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