Strippers... no, not that kind of stripper... but, rather these kind of strippers who are volunteers that are affectionately called "strippers" because they remove the wetsuits off the Ironman athletes during the swim to bike transition (commonly called T1) portion of a 140.6 mile race consistiting of a 2.4 mi. swim, 112 mi. bike and 26.2 mi. run within a 17 hr. time limit.

During the filming of this event (...which felt a bit weird since I have typically been a participant), I found this particular portion of the 17 hrs. time limited event to be interesting to edit and create.

The hardest part of editing this project (besides looking at and cataloging the total of 5 hrs. of film for the 17 hr. long event), was finding the music to fit the feel of the action for this portion of the Ironman Triathlon. The hardest part of the filming this project was the HUGE variations in lighting caused by the rising sun and reflections off the water (...not to mention, getting in camera positions without obstructions from the crowds of volunteers and spectators).

Tech. note: Camera - Canon HV30 w/2x ND lens filter and wide angle lens, shot mostly at a shutter speed of 500 or greater. Edited with: Avid/Pinnacle Liquid, After Effects.

Example of Cut Editing process with strobe-like editing effect.

Video Work & Editing by: Joe Moya
Music by the Foo Fighters

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