I've invited Russ Coker from a local club to turn one of his favorite projects, a fence post vase.
He salvages old fence posts from Wyoming that are mostly cedar and turns them into a vase.
The wood is weathered and very, very irregular.
His process is:
1. Mount the wood between centers.
2. Evaluate the wood for features and where to turn.
3. Glue down any loose wood with CA.
4. Turn a vase neck.
5. Turn a dovetail mounting tenon and remount the timber to a 4 jaw chuck.
6. Drill the top.
7. Flare the hole and form a neck.
8. Sand the turned areas.
9. Apply a solution of boiled linseed oil to the weathered wood.
10. Apply French polish to turned areas.
11. saw off the tenon and sand the base.
His primary tool is a large skew.
He does not want to call it a weed pot because a fence post vase sells much better.
This piece of wood was scary due to its shape but turned out beautiful.
Be Safe.
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