Hey everyone, Aaron here! So this is a special one for me. Tyler is close cousin of mine. He's younger than I am, but our families have always been close, and I've watched him and his 5 siblings grow up to become some pretty amazing people. Every one of them has a heart of gold, so when Tyler texted me that he was engaged - I was so excited and didn't hesitate to tell him that I would do it, no question.

So it was set. We were heading up to Dallas, which is where we got to meet Connie. It's such an amazing experience when someone you care about finds THE ONE, and it's so apparent to everyone around. When we met Connie, it was clear these two were just made for each other. They both have a passion for dance, performance, ministry and style. So those are the makings of a pretty spectacular wedding. The thing we hope for when filming a wedding, is a couple that's cray about each other, and an event that's personal to them. That's what we got. An amazing weekend that included quality BBQ, Nintendo NES and records, card games, lots of family, plenty of unique style, and a whole lot of romance. Also - since all of the bridal party, including bride and groom, dance or perform a various levels - the whole wedding was built around personally choreographed dances that Connie and Tyler designed. (Including their epic 6min first dance to Justin Timberlake's "Mirrors" that you can view here: vimeo.com/90272683) It was pretty amazing to experience, and quite a workout to capture! We loved every second though.

So here's to an incredible young couple, who are determined to let love guide them wherever they go. Cheers!

Music provided by Marmoset Music: "Built to Love You" by Lost Cosmonauts

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