Tee-Eco Remember Me Bags

The Remember Me Bags are hand crafted hand bags made from "YOUR" memories. Here at Tee-Eco we take special care with your bag to be the best. We are a one on one company here and would like to talk or e-mail
with you to talk about your story. This is a great way for us to get to know you.

Life hardest challenges are the loss of a loved one.To have something made out of their clothes to carry around with you is one of the most incredible things to have to keep their spirit with you. It will never take the place of
them and the grief that you are going through, but hopefully it can bring some comfort of touching and using something that they wore. We would love to hear the story of this special person here and help you with your bag. You will have your own bag creator to talk to about your needs.
*For this bag only we set up a pay-it-forward account. If you would like to donate more money to go for someone that would love a bag but their money is tight. We will use it for their bag and let you know how your donate helped someone else.

On a lighter note, if you are a Mom and would like a mom and me bag made with some of your child's clothes. Could be that you have the that old or new T-shirt that means so much to you but never ware it. Maybe be from a concert that you rock out at, or from years past or present that was the time of your life and you held on to your
T-shirt. It could be made from any T-shirt, even if it is a worn out with holes. Your bags will be a one of a kind that
is just for YOU!!!

What we will need is 2 T-shirts and if you would like your bags made from all just your clothes. Two pairs of jeans for the straps. For the lining what would be great is a old coat, jacket, dress or other clothes. We can make it out of just about anything. ( But no wool we can use leather but it must be soft ) We will be happy to work with what you have and make it work. If you just have the T-shirts we will use what we have here to complete your Remember Me Bag. Please e-mail or call to get your order started. Here at Tee-Eco we make all our Remember Me Bags are from our hearts to yours.

Blessing, Lisa ;)

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