In healthcare, the only acceptable number of defects is zero. Achieving Zero Defects with TWI tells the journey of adding layers of Lean principals, Standard Work for Leaders, and TWI to achieve and sustain that ultimate result. Over three years each management method was brought into the department and even though there were gains in productivity and decreases in defects, that ultimate goal seemed out of reach. The struggle was that if people are not perfect, how can you achieve such a result?

This presentation will take you through the story of the ups and downs of introducing TWI as a new method to a team, while showing that with continued application and collaboration, you can meet your ultimate goal.

Session Learning Objectives:

How TWI can be incorporated into Lean practices.
The importance of properly preparing the people for this instruction method.The triangle of support and success.
How to continue the journey in other areas that are just starting out.
Presenter Bio: Cheryllynn Waymack, Laboratory Supervisor
Cheryllynn Waymack begun her career in health care 12 years ago when Virginia Mason was first introducing its new management methodology VMPS (Virginia Mason Production System) modeled after Lean Principals and Toyota Production System. For the past six years she has worked throughout four sections of the laboratory: Phlebotomy, Microbiology, Tissue and Transfusion Services, Central Processing and Reference Laboratory Services, on their journey of improvement using the tools of VMPS, Standard Work for Leaders, and TWI. Currently, Cheryllynn supervises Central Processing and Reference Laboratory Services. During the summer she will also be working in the Kaizen Promotion Office (KPO) at Virginia Mason. KPO is responsible for the VMPS methodology and its implementation throughout the medical center.

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