First 0:00 - 1:00 and then at 4:30 - end are the hairiest.

Another flight with the Radian after attaching the GoPro HD Hero... this was the "McCants Challenge Course" called "Radian Treegonometree". This was the tightest place I've flow the Radian (a foam glider with a 2 meter wing span) - if you've flown the Radian, you know it loves to float and you need a long landing zone.

Don't let the video fool you! This was pure luck, but worth it!

This was shot at 1080p 30fps (for clarity), rendered out in NTSC at 720p lower bitrate in MP4 container for Vimeo/YouTube playback. Raw capture still looks brilliant exported to BluRay and on 120hz TV.

I attached the camera at the exact CG location so nothing had to be moved around.

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