Here is some of the research & development work I've performed during past year. All done in Houdini. This work included development of wide range of tools for volume shaping and rendering, smoke simulations, liquid simulations and rigid body dynamics.

I also added several shots from my previous reel.


Shot_01 - R&D - Tools for shaping and rendering clouds
During this R&D work I’ve developed a number of SOP/CVEX modifiers and shaders for creating clouds in Houdini. Much attention was paid to creating proper lighting at the expense of affordable render time.

Shot_02 - R&D - Large scale fire
Here I’ve faced the task of creating large scale fire simulation. Finally I’ve developed CVEX shader which advects fire-looking noise structure with the velocity field. Thus spatial details of initial low resolution simulation are dramatically icreased on render time.

Shot_03 - R&D - Tools development for creating complicated destructions
This work was dedicated to studying procedural methods of destruction. As a result personal project was done, where I intergated all the possibilites, including procedural modeling, fast fracturing, constraint setup, edge displacement (ground debris), volume stamping (trails), cluster based smoke simulaion (ground crack dust) in single complicated scenario. More than 25 smoke sims were developed for this shot, so I used delayed load procedural during render, to eliminate memory allocation problem.

Shot_04 - Personal Project - Tornado
I’ve created this project to practice my fluid simulation skills. The idea was to create enough small details in order to get proper sense of scale. This was obtained by using upres technique. Upresed sim was then empowered by rest based multiplicative noise.

Shot_05 - R&D - Smoke retime solver
In this R&D I attempted to retime smoke simulation. I used simple morphing algorithm, that allowed to obtain smoothed behavior within some specific conditions. Solver is created as CVEX procedural, so there is no need for resimulation and additional caching.

Shot_06 - R&D - Dust explosions
Here I’ve developed setup for creating fast explosions. Instead of cumbustion model (which is quite slow), custom divergence injection is used to obtain expanding behavior. Shaping performed using vorticles, sourced from speed dependent mask field. I also developed Fluid Paint Tool, which allows to paint smoke sim in specific frame and then advect color field forward and backward.

Shot_07 - R&D - Large scale explosion
Here I’ve developed setup for creating large scale explosion. This setup is cluster based and divides overall simulation into smaller parts, which are easy to tweak and preview. Each cluster is cached separately, thus clould be loaded via delayed load procedural. Simulation process is fully automated.

Shot_08 - R&D - FLIP UV texture advection
During this work I was faced with the task of increasing spacial details of FLIP sim. This was done with a help of texture displacement, projected on certain amount of pairs of advected UVs.

Shot_09 - R&D - VDB exporter to Renderman
Wrapper, aimed to include VDB data from Houdini to rib stream.

Shot_10 - R&D - FLIP upres solver
Here I created upres tool for FLIP. This tool creates boundary conditions and allows to recalculate sim with higher resolution.

Shot_11 - “Kikoriki. Team Invincible” animation feature film
Water surface, object interaction, splashes, waterfall, foam and displacement texture development.

Shot_12 - “Kikoriki. Team Invinsible” animation feature film
Ocean look development, simulation, breaking wave setup, foam, splashes, object interaction, rain, mist.

Shot_13 - “Kikoriki. Team Invincible” animation feature film
Tool development for creating rain

Shot_14-17 - “Kikoriki. Team Invincible” animation feature film
Ocean, rain, lightnings, rain slowdown effect.

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