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Senior editor, producer, director, camera op, and creative consultant

Experienced Avid video editor, producer, and director that has worked on award winning television programs, documentaries, feature films, corporate productions, commercials and medical education programs. Ability to establish and maintain client relationships, work in the field as an individual or with a team, meet the goals of not only my clients/productions but of the company, and always striving to learn more about all sides of production. I feel my excitement about television and film production shows through in all that I do. I work extremely hard and push myself to always produce the best work in a thorough and timely fashion.

I am currently the Director / TD and senior editor for the National Emmy winning TV show Green Screen Adventures produced out of Chicago at WCIU and broadcast nationally on MEtv. I also continue to work with many of the local theater companies in Chicago, helping to produce mixed media infused stage productions as well as promotional materials. While that is all going on, I continue to work with two small film/media production companies based out of Chicago and LA, Broad Shoulders Productions and Gimpydog Productions.

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