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I got interested in drawing at a very early age. I used to dream of being an animator one day and the spark began. Over the years I'd get drawing books and supplies. Eventually I discovered computers and programming and got a little sidetracked. In high-school I discovered a 3D program called Blender. I started picking up drawing again and then picked up photography as a hobby. All of this seemed to converge into the digital world. I started to learn Photoshop, then picked up HTML/CSS while learning to program. My personal life usually revolves around my friends. I love to go out with them to try new restaurants, see great films, listen to bands play and spend time downtown at the different events that happen around there. At home, I'm usually spending time with my nephew, going through my movie collection, editing pictures, trying out new stuff learned from tutorials, playing music or just hanging out. Other times, I'm most likely watching cooking shows or eating.

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