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  1. 00:12

    Video Haiku

    by Aaron Sherwood

    3 Videos

    sources for an animated gif series: aaron-sherwood.com/blog/?p=623

  2. 02:45


    by Aaron Sherwood

    2 Videos

    Granular and Solar are both manipulations of identical footage Chisa Hidaka shot of Kiori Kawai dancing with dolphins. All of the music in Solar comes from Granular, just mashed up and rearranged.…

  3. 07:50

    Street Installations Summer 2011

    by Aaron Sherwood

    4 Videos

    During the summer of 2011 Kiori Kawai and I did a series of pop up interactive street installations around NYC. We would set up a webcam, a projector and one or two laptops with power coming from…

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