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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Aaron Zeghers is a Winnipeg-based artist working in film and video.

He is often found working with analog mediums (super 8 + 16mm), found footage and experimental processes. Zeghers is a founder of the Open City Cinema collective and the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival and also keeps a haphazard Winnipeg film blog called Cineflyer! Zeghers' films have played in marginalized venues the world round.

For film distribution, workshops, or just for fun: aaron.zeghers @ gmail.com



External Links

  • Cineflyer Winnipeg - motion pictures and related arts in winnipeg, manitoba, canada
  • Open City Cinema - a screening series focusing on local (winnipeg), collaborative, and expanded works presented alongside underground and forgotten rarities.
  • Winnipeg UFF - a 3-day, curated collection of contemporary underground cinema and related events, as programmed by scott fitzpatrick, aaron zeghers and travis cole. the festival is part of open city cinema's ongoing film screening series.


  1. Kent Lambert
  2. Scott Willis
  3. Everything Is Terrible!
  4. mike hoolboom
  5. Denise Hawrysio
  6. Elijah Kennedy
  7. Thomas Harnett O'Meara
  8. Jason Britski
  9. Michelle Mellor
  10. Karissa Hahn
  11. Patrick Loy
  12. Louis Fried
  13. TsenChuHsu
  14. Andy Birtwistle
  15. Andrew Cecon
  16. Borja V. Conde
  17. Karina Mariano
  18. Così e Così

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