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  1. videoart

    by nagash

    61.3K Videos / 19.3K Members

    art for the moving canvas

  2. Experimental Filmmakers

    by Aaron Freeder

    55.5K Videos / 16K Members

    For those of you who aren't another "face" in the crowd of the millions of filmmakers out there. The group of the few. The group that exceeds the limitations that our society knows…

  3. Experimental/Abstract

    by Dead Set Films

    23K Videos / 8,310 Members

    Films using experimental techniques, abstract visuals, or non-traditional elements. Out-of-the-box, antinorm, or just plan weird and creative.

  4. Abstract

    by Andy Galletly

    17.9K Videos / 5,180 Members

    A place for abstraction, experiments with form/colour/movement/time

  5. Avant-garde films

    by Anders Weberg

    16.6K Videos / 5,281 Members

    "Avant-garde" is a word from the French, meaning "ahead of the crowd." In contemporary English, we'd say it's on the "cutting edge." Avant-garde film makers…

  6. THE VIDEO EXPERIENCE______ beyond the screen, beyond the finished, beyond mere perception.

    by Ale Corsini

    14.2K Videos / 6,823 Members

    THE VIDEO EXPERIENCE - a group dedicated to the most daring digital-, interactive-, video-artists.

  7. Art Video Film - The Global Laboratory

    by Maria Niro

    12.1K Videos / 3,231 Members

    Please only add videos that fit the art video, experimental cinema etc... genres. Works that do not fit the description below will be deleted. This group is dedicated to work outside the traditional…

  8. Surrealism

    by Jay

    7,440 Videos / 3,482 Members

    Submit videos! Join the group! Anything hypnotic, dream-like, and cool looking, or surprising. But not mundane. We want to have our minds blown. We want to make and share video (art) that's…

  9. Avant-Garde

    by Javed Ahmed

    6,217 Videos / 1,412 Members

  10. the structure

    by jacob rendell

    4,714 Videos / 845 Members

    the arts, audiovisual, live cinema, vj'ism, interaction


    by Andres Victorero

    3,509 Videos / 1,795 Members

    Only videos shot on Super 8, single 8, double super 8 and regular 8. Please upload videos with any kind of interest to the SUPER 8 Group members-watchers. Thanks

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