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  1. Kinetic Thoughts

    by Esteban Cuesta joined

    98 Videos / 610 Members

    A group to discuss, learn and have fun with VFX videos from independent people using Pulldownit plugin

  2. Animations, Short Films & Digital Art

    by Andy Nolan joined

    869 Videos / 318 Members

    Videos that inspire. Animated shorts, live action short films, 3D, design, and any motion graphics etc that you would like to share and get exposure.

  3. compositing, animation, VFX Group

    by alex kuznetsov joined

    11.1K Videos / 3,261 Members

  4. MoviBOX

    by Stoil Vatev joined

    371 Videos / 269 Members

    That group is only for short films.

  5. VFX Reels, Portfolios and Artwork

    by vfxrider joined

    7,659 Videos / 3,625 Members

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