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Abendprozessor’s visual aesthetics are very much oriented on photography. Each videoclip or photograph is „real“ – nothing is produced synthetically. Highly precise tracking shots, captured by the best optics, emerge as a perfect basis for the subsequent animation process. As a result of concrete footage material the animation takes on the shape of an abstract and music-sync creation, reduced to the max. The final animations based on Abendprozessor’s precisely cut and overlaid videolayers evolve from a very instrumental and playful handling of the self-programmed software on their laptops Following the DJ’s musical suspense by the VJ’s very fast reaction makes the visuals just as tight as an electrobeat. Finally screening the animationvideo split and sliced on well positioned surfaces the Abendprozessor’s audiovisual-nights output a unique atmosphere in a way that lets every location glow down.
For current live shows visit myspace.com/abendprozessor
For our "off-live-works" visit jungeroemer.net

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