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ABK COMMUNICATION was founded in summer 2008 by young artists. It was a sunny day in Georgia. It was extremely hot as it can only be in August. The Russians were again bombing us, their troops were occupying parts of our beloved country. Sadly we were in the epicentre of all this nightmare. It was like a real American blockbuster which we thought would never happen even in our worst dreams especially in 21 Century, but it was happening and we were watching this live performance from the best seats like we were directors of this horror movie. What else could we do but pray and hope for help from the rest of the world. Meanwhile the world was experiencing the global economic crisis which was called the worst since the Great Depression of 1929-30. The banks were getting bankrupt, oil was getting cheaper and cheaper, so the predictions were that 2009 would likely to be extremely difficult for the global economy. As you can see it was really hard time and we felt lost in this crazy world and needed to escape from this harsh reality. So it all began with idea the idea was taken up with enthusiasm and we set up a multidisciplinary design studio specializing in printing media, creative direction and graphic design. We work within a wide range of projects, from corporate identities, interactive websites, TV adverts to packaging. We love thinking about ideas freely and observing them taking shape. We strive to find a balance between idea, function and aesthetics in each of our projects. P.S. It’s a fact, the earth spins around its axis every 24 hrs at 1,000 mph and orbits the sun once a year at 66,000 mph. Adding up the spinning and orbiting speeds means you’ve travelled about 550 miles since you started reading this text. Or put another way, you’re travelling through space at 18.5 miles a second faster than a bullet. So have a nice day

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