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Nobody works harder to get you the publicity you need!

We are a boutique public relations firm based in New York City--the home of MTV, VH1, and Rolling Stone Magazine! Because we specialize in the music industry, we know every aspect of how to get you to stardom. Through a unique combination of publicity, promotions, and personal flair, we build the perfect campaign to put you and your music on the map.

Personal Service
We pride ourselves in getting our artists in the press! We do this by taking the personal approach—we get to know every aspect of our clients and their music, right down to their personalities so we can represent our
clients thoroughly and work every angle possible.

Media Relations
We’ve built numerous relationships with our contacts in the media in New York City and around the United States as well as internationally. Our press contacts have come to trust that we bring high-quality artists to their attention, making their jobs easier when trying to find the “next big thing” in the music industry.

We have a great track record in getting our clients the exposure they need to get noticed. Whether it's television, radio, print, or the Internet, we work relentlessly at every angle from the local to the international arenas. Whether you’re brand new to the music scene or on the verge of breaking, our firm will give you that extra publicity boost to get you to the next level and beyond!

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