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Abstract Digital Cinema (ADC) [abstractdigitalcinema.com/] is a Los Angeles county based full service production facility. Our multi cultural, multi-lingual staff comprise of individuals from all disciplines of the motion picture industry. Some of our multi talented staff members have over 10 ~ 20 years of experience in their respective fields. We offer our clients with complete digital cinema, title graphics, scriptwriting, screenplay/dialogue and voiceover services in almost all major languages and in some truly exotic tongues as well.

If your production requires music from different parts of the world, our music production associates from the country of your choice will be there to assist you.

In addition, we offer services in following areas of the movie making process:

Principle and second unit cinematography

Camera support services

Camera cranes/jibs, remote pan/tilt head operations, dolly & track production support

Digital Intermediate (DI)

3D animation (LightWave, Maya)

VFx (Visual Effects)

Compositing (2D/3D)

Color-correction/color timing

Pre-Viz (Pre-visualization)

3D stereoscopy (camera capture and editing)

Editing and conforming (HD, 2K and 4K)

Production still photography (behind the scenes & production posters)

Fashion/Glamour photography

Aerial (stabilized), surface watercraft (stabilized - including crane/jib, pan/tilt heads) and Underwater cinematography

Green-screen and performance capture

Cinema & video equipment rental (Indie)


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