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Accomplice Creative is a company for dreamers and revolutionaries; for the television aficionados and desperados looking to stake a claim in the wild frontier of 21st century Television. Our Mission is to create the television touchstones of our time. To inspire, empower and reward our audience with relevant, irresistible entertainment.

Our Game is to stir things up with Disruptive Development - to hit with the next new idea and start the next trend. Our team was recognized with the 2006 Maple Pictures Innovative Producer of the Year Award, presented at the Banff World Television Festival.

We specialize in innovative high impact fiction and non-fiction television series. Our hits include Everyday Exotic, Superstar Hair Challenge, Design Rivals, So Chic, So Chic Couples, Fixing Dinner, Party Dish, Love By Design, and the original Designer Guys for AABI. For the W Network we’ve produced 3 seasons (39 episodes) of the scripted comedy series The Smart Woman Survival Guide and the second season of Superstar Hair Challenge for Slice Network. Our most recent accomplishment is the innovative Everyday Exotic - an exciting new cooking show that debuted on the Food Network in October 2008. Our series air in over 70 countries worldwide, and for a short time we had the highest rated lifestyle series on Al Jazeera.

Our consulting arm develops scripted series, most notably through Al Magee's work for Showcase Originals, including hit series like Trailer Park Boys, Slings & Arrows, Kenny vs. Spenny, Show Me Yours, Naked Josh, Billable Hours, Rent-A-Goalie and Bliss to name a few, and the highly rated documentary series Kink and Webdreams.

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