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ACT was created in winter 2000. In December 2001, leaves the first album "revenge toy" own produced with format CD-R and distributed free. It is mainly created to leave of samples collected on CD and recordings TV. In 2002 the search for new sonorities takes me along towards the utilisation of a violin bow to play electric bass and electric guitar. Most of the time the sound is treated by a series of effects. I record these sounds which I then place in a sampler and they become the base of my compositions of the second album. Participation in two compilations, "Recycling Buzz" left by "Amanita records" and "Idoia", "cosmonaut" left by "Anorack records". Creation of a song for the "twelfth festival of new music" of Saint Sebastian (Basque Country). Creation of two songs and a jingle for a film "Faites vos jeux" collectively produced by the German collectives "Filmgruppe Chaos" and "AKAS" in collaboration with the "Copyright Violation Squad". In 2003, sound recording for the creation of my kits of drums and percussions which I start to include in my compositions. In August, "MUZACT" semi- improvised concert for the "Headphone Festival 2003" with Stephan (Voodoo Muzak). September left second album "XL" on the label "Amanita records" December, put in line of the site activecom.free.fr containing an instrument in Flash created with samples of a song of "XL", a juke box with extracts of songs of "XL", the chronicles and various graphics (albums sleeves,...)and sounds ("Muzact" and "Revenge Toy" juke boxes,...) works completed since the beginning of the adventure.

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