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Brooklyn, NY

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Adam Frezza (USA, 1977) is a multi-disciplinary artist working in paint, collage, photography, sculpture, and installation. His art plays with the idea of integrating physical and ethereal substance. Loopholes in science, religion, and reality allow Frezza to make art that suggests new potentials for how we experience what we think is actually going on around us. Through corporeal and visual means he illuminates invisible forces that cosmically forge certain tangible substances into our contemporary society; also, highlighting how these seemingly elemental substances have endured a turbulent, biased, and manufactured history.

Conceptually, Frezza focuses on the dichotomy between holy and depraved matter. His body of work is a fight for the sanctity of things that are generally considered useless; the stuff that is universally erased or removed once it comes into existence, or after it has served its utilitarian purpose. Frezza wants to reinvestigate the function of substance as a tool for growth and enlightenment.

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