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Adam Scott Miller, an acute lifelong visionary artist from the U.S.A., has come through art academia with a BFA in Illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art and a MFA in Painting from the Massachusetts College of Art. He now lives in Far Northeast Queensland, Australia amidst the most ancient rainforest on Earth with his wife ( ) and two daughters (Auraura-'07, Maia Lily-'13). Throughout his creative evolution, he has integrated key principles of insight from art, science, and mysticism towards the road less-traveled of honest devotion to limitless growth and dilating creativity. Adam's paintings are praised globally for their transcendetail and the elegant envisioning of reality as emergent from the unified-field ecology of energy. He is acclaimed for his oil paintings, video animations, public speaking, teaching and performances as a live-painter. In their rainforest village home, they operate Australia's 1st Visionary Art Gallery 'InfinitUS'.
The paintings of Adam Scott Miller are artifacts excavated from exploring the relationships between mystical personal experience and universally relevant concepts. Art is his tool for discovery, and a by-product of the experience of his consciousness. This integral creative work is how he processes his perceptions of the visible world and the energetic fields from which it blooms forth into new informed and numinously refined visions of symbiosis. The 'numinous' is characterized by the quintessential qualities of the sacred: mystery, awe, fascination, satisfaction, and inspiration. The art serves as a reflection of our context, and achieves its maximum potential in the intention to improve and benefit the whole.

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