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Melbourne, Australia

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I am a film-maker and musician based in Melbourne, Australia.

After almost a decade working as a graphic designer, copywriter and director for various advertising agencies in Adelaide, South Australia, I began making music videos, before focusing on screenwriting and directing. My first feature-length script, a biopic based on the life of 50s rock and roll singer Gene Vincent, was a major prize winner in the 2004 Nashville Screenwriters Conference script competition.

My three most recent films have been doing the festival rounds; ‘The Body Watchers’ was screened at the 2009 St Kilda Film Festival and the 2009 Melbourne Underground Film Festival, and was awarded Best Australian Short Film at the 2009 Sexy International Film Festival, before being screened at festivals in Paris, New York, Los Angeles and Ontario. ‘Mystic Eyes’ was screened at the 2009 Perth Revelation Film festival. My latest 15 minute short film, ‘Keeper’, had its world premiere at the 2012 St Kilda Film Festival.

I’m also a freelance script editor and screenwriting lecturer.

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