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When it comes to emerging male pop stars, you really can’t find a brighter supernova in-the-making than Missouri native - Adam Tyler. Having being a “music kid and pop geek” throughout his teenage years, Adam Tyler found albums by the likes of TLC, The Fugees, Madonna and a starring role in a local production of “Cat In The Hat” to be a far more enriching experience than any lesson a high school textbook could ever teach. From the life-changing moment he saw The Spice Girls ignite the stage on the MTV Music Awards in 1997; a very young Adam Tyler knew right then and there that being a pop star was not only a dream, but the only profession of choice for him.

Having attended Berklee School of Music in Boston couldn’t even teach Adam the lessons he needed to become the next Robbie Williams. At a time when pop music was disguised under the ruse of adult contemporary like Snow Patrol - real British pop music by the likes of Kylie Minogue had very little impact against the mass market appeal of Rock, Indie, R&B, Urban and Country – all of which are still powerfully dominant in the American music industry today. The struggle to be a household name in pop like N’Sync or Britney Spears seemed like a fading dream and Adam Tyler quickly found himself being the musical outsider.

Deciding to take advantage of his youth and believing that pop music is truly all about coupling songwriting and well-executed production with cutting-edge imagery, Adam decided to leave Berklee in 2008 and pursue his dream of breaking the UK. Whilst setting up a plethora of auditions and contacts via Facebook, Adam bravely got on a plane by himself and headed out to the pop capital of the world – London. However his honesty got the best of him at the immigration counter and no sooner than Adam arrived at Heathrow Airport, he immediately found himself being sent back to America that same night of his arrival, leaving his pop dream shattered.

Not being deterred by his own ambition, Adam then moved to Los Angeles to join the legions of hungry performers and immersed himself into crafting a solo pop career. His first demo album “Lullabies For Rattlesnakes” garnered himself a loyal group of fans hungry for an official release. Soon after, Adam delivered in way of his debut music video for electro-pop track “Friction” which quickly caught the attention of many leading international pop music blogs. It was this online buzz for Adam Tyler that saw the quick formation of street teams overnight, not only in America, but in countries like the UK, Germany, Brazil and Sweden.

When it comes to conquering the world of pop, Adam Tyler’s long standing ambition on the road to stardom is to prove that “pop music has depth” and this ethos remains passionately rooted in his musical art. Enigmatic icons such as Lady Gaga achieving commercial success is certainly helping redefine and catapult the perception of pop music back to the relevance and sheer excitement it garnered in the 1980s.

Adam Tyler’s debut album “Shattered Ice” is a glorious definition of what pop music truly is all about today. The album brings together a community of vibrant and diverse pop loving fans from around the globe who understand that pop will never be passé and will always remain a provocative and emotive genre as a true sign of the times. The time truly is now for the world to be formally introduced the exciting new pop star that is Adam Tyler.

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