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  1. 39:14

    short clips of fish and wildlife

    by ADF&G

    66 Videos

    These are short video clips of animals or fish, ranging from10 seconds to a few minutes. ADF&G produces feature programs showing how to catch pike or how to butcher a moose, but these are just…

  2. 08:49:38

    Videos on wildlife, wildlife viewing, hunting or trapping

    by ADF&G

    41 Videos

    This album contains programs produced by ADF&G on animals or hunting. Short video clips, and programs on fish or fishing are in other albums.

  3. 07:18:13

    "Learn how to..." videos

    by ADF&G

    29 Videos

    This album features "how to" videos, for example, how to catch and filet northern pike, how to process fur, or how to distinguish a male brown bear from a female.

  4. 03:15:34

    About ADF&G

    by ADF&G

    22 Videos

    This album features videos about ADF&G and some of its programs and events

  5. 02:02:29

    Videos on fish and/or fishing

    by ADF&G

    21 Videos

    this album contains videos produced by ADF&G on fish and fishing. Some very short video clips that feature fish are not included here but are in the short clips album.

  6. 04:38

    Sounds Wild

    by ADF&G

    3 Videos

    Sounds Wild is a 90-second nature and science program broadcast weekly (or daily) on about 30 Alaska radio stations. These episodes have images or video added. To hear more, go to soundswild.alaska.gov…

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